I Recommend You To Anyone Wanting A Reading

Must be your night Your reading was great, and the gentleness that came from you was very refreshing. I recommend you to anyone wanting a reading and your mediumship was lovely.


All the best Niki Stewart. x” – Skype

We Cannot Speak Highly Enough Of  You

Thank you so much for all your help Lysa! You have provided both Donna and I with so much validation and guidance. We cannot speak highly enough of you and what you have done for the both of us!! We are so very grateful and look forward to seeing you again. We are happy to be able to support you and provide our highest recommendations. If you need anything at all, please let us know. xo


All the best Donna & Ash – In Person, Brisbane

OK Everything You Said Was Without A Doubt 100% Accurate.

“Hi Lysa. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience u gave me recently. When I sat down with I never thought u would be able to change my thinking. I’ve always been quite the sceptic but now feel very differently.


Everything u said was without a doubt 100% accurate. The nickname we had for my grandpa that u referred to was the first moment I realised he really was there with us. That’s something only us as a family would know about. You also made mention of his coin collection, something that was so special to him.


You were very specific in your references to things, all of which were things only my family and myself know about.


You went on to say many things that both shocked and surprised me. There were a few references made that aroused a little doubt. You said u saw a motorbike, which I later found out was a love of my grandfathers and he owned and rode one for many years.


You got the taste of caramel in your mouth, my grandmother had a jar of caramel toffees in the centre of the table my entire mothers upbringing. Also something I never knew.


When you asked if my mother had sore legs, never for a second did I think I’d go home to hear my mother say she’d been waking up every morning with aching feet for weeks. You kept seeing a butterfly, which in the reading just didn’t make much sense to me, and I was unable to identify the significance. Two days later not just one, but three butterflies flew by me in my front yard. I smiled and just knew then with 100% certainty that my grandparents are around me, and that they always will be.


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for delivering the messages of those who have passed. It was truly a unique experience that ill never forget. You’ve given me faith that life doesn’t end at death; we simply leave the world of the living and pass on into the spiritual world. “


With the sincerest thanks, Kristy, Brisbane

You Can’t Possibly Begin To Imagine What That Reading Has Done For My Life.

“Hi again Lysa, just wanted to write some feedback for you after our meeting in Canberra.


My son’s father was killed 26 years ago and in that time many mediums have picked up his presence around me but NONE have been able to bring me any messages from him, except you!


I was so totally overwhelmed by your accuracy in describing him, his father, their personalities etc., also describing our son and his mannerisms and personality, the messages of hope and understanding from someone I loved to bits and miss everyday of my life, you cant possibly begin to imagine what that reading has done for my life.


I now have a much more positive outlook and can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I guess I am less afraid after hearing your reading. Thank you so much, I want another reading now.


I am also glad my son was able to come and see you for a reading in Brisbane, He didn’t connect with his father as he hoped but connected with the people he needed to hear from, and in those messages were the things he needs to be able to move forward, I can already see a change in his demeanour and have very positive feelings for his future, thank you again so very much, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone, much love.”


Bev Murray, Canberra

Thank You Lysa For Helping Me Say Goodbye To The Grandparents I Never Got To Say Goodbye To

“I went and saw Lysa in November 2012 after losing two of my grandparents in the space of 5 weeks. I had also had a pretty tough year emotionally and went into my reading with some questions and an open mind.


Lysa immediately connected with two of my grandparents and could sense the tough year that I have had. Her descriptions about my grandparents and their lives were extremely accurate. I knew it was my grandmother coming through when Lysa told me that “she never drove a day in her life”.


Lysa also answered several of the questions that I had come into my reading with, but had not mentioned.
I felt comfortable and relaxed during my reading and was impressed that when I told Lysa that I was hoping to connect with my nana she was honest in telling me “that she just wasn’t there to connect with”.


I enjoyed my reading with Lysa and would use her services again in the future. Thank you Lysa for answering some of my questions and helping me say goodbye to the grandparents I never got to say goodbye to.”


Hayley, Brisbane